Montessori Preschool

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Montessori Preschool

Montessori Preschool | Bambino Palace Montessori & Tutoring - Arlington, TX

If you reside in, or near, Arlington, Texas and you have a child of 6 years of age or younger that you want to enroll in a quality preschool program, Bambino Palace Montessori & Tutoring offers a Montessori Preschool Program.

• For infants up to 6 years of age
• Featuring Waterslide Wednesdays
• Summer camp during summer months

Our preschool is the most fun and rewarding experience your child can have. Our team of professionals dedicate themselves to providing a safe environment for your child to begin their educational career and their social skill development.

We also offer a fun summer camp for our students where they will interact with other kids their age, and participate in engaging and fun activities, giving them a head start in their education.

Whether you intend to enroll your child into a public or private school system, they will greatly benefit from our Montessori Preschool program. We provide substantial support for your child to learn how to learn and how to treat their peers.

We are constantly evolving our methods to ensure that we only provide the best services for our students. This is the first step in your child’s educational development, and we assume the responsibility wholeheartedly because of our confidence in producing outstanding students.

The activities that your child will participate in will augment listening skills and ability to follow direction. They will also develop the foundations they will need for future learning in mathematics and reading. Our preschool is for infants up to 6 years of age.

The Montessori Preschool always puts its students’safety first. We understand how difficult it is to send your child away for the first time, which is why we offer you a full tour of our facilities and allow you to inquire about every aspect of our education system.

Please visit our school if you would like to inquire about our preschool or summer camp and begin the process of enrollment for your son or daughter.

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